Monster Levels

Baby Form

The first stage of most creatures in Aurelia, this stage is the first stage of a creature after hatching from their eggs, this level usually introduces minimal attacks


The first mature stage of most creatures. This stage presents new attacks and usually a more kid to teenage form, in rare occasions creatures in this form can evolve directly to enrage or extreme depending on spells or maximum fighting experience


The next stage of most creatures after learning how to fight or by gaining new knowledge. This level is the most popular of all levels and majority of creatures reach this stage at some point of their lives. This stage is considered the first stage where a creature learns to completely defend themselves in battle.


The next evolution and sometimes the final stage of most creatures. This stage is also the maximum physical state a creature can reach before evolving mentally. In this level most creatures acquire little differences and some creatures pass this stage entirely if mental levels have ascended.


Sometimes considered the level of ascension because of its rarity by most creatures. At many standpoints this level can only be reached after a creature learns all needed knowledge and has reached full power. This level often requires little physical differences from the Enrage level however some are known to change dramatically.


The rarest level in existence. Most in this level have never been at lower levels and those that gets to this level have lost most of their previous life experience and has gain all knowledge of the world & physical state possible. Mostly deities or ascended beings have ever reached this state.

Mirror Evolve

Often called Digital Slide, this level can be reached through various ways usually technical or through advance mental levels. This level allows a creature to remain at current level but change physical form, most shape shifting creatures can get to this level without existence.

Special Evolve

The second rarest level in existence. Usually acquired through magical spells or devices. This level is known to be placed anywhere throughout the evolutional chain mostly after Ability or Battle and rarely after Enrage. Probably the most popular is VOLVEYON and its many evolutionary forms. In this form the creature involved can’t return to previous states.



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