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War of Heaven

The true story as told by an angel of how Lucifer fell from grace. How GOD “the Ultimate Power” rose to command over all things against his brother Chaos and sister Neutral. How Lucicer wasn’t the first son of GOD to rebel and what happened next?


Loney Lost Girl

Told by her peers that she is weird and not pretty. Lilly will embark on a journey of self love, acceptance, and courage. As she rescues the very children that mocked her from the evil nightmare king, Tonik.


Spell Reign

Kyra, a young timid girl from a small town called Shadowbrooke. Must come to terms with visions she has been having for the past few weeks. Visions of the future and the oncoming apocalypse and how she might be the key to preventing it.


Earth Raiders

POSSESSED BY ALIEN SPIRITS, ARMED WITH ADVANCE FIGHTING SUITS. The Earth Raiders are charged with driving back the forces of several evil alien races that are bent on destroying the Earth.


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