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After the War of Heaven, angels and demons fell to Earth. Here is where many of their stories began and how ours were effected by their descent.

Elite Novels

The Myths

From powerful deities, mythical creatures, and magical lands. The many myths within the Eliteverse has inspired many characters in history.

Elite Novels

Here They Stand

The Celestial Guardians are powerful angels whom were guardians of Heaven during the great fight against Lucifer and his army of fallen angels. When a prophecy stated that the demon lord would rise, these guardians were sent to Earth to defend it.

Elite Novels

The Gods

The ancient gods have their own untold stories. Creation, destruction, love, war, and the beginning and ending of it all. Unlock a world where fantasy and possibily reality collide in hundreds of stories about Gods, monsters, humans, royalty and more.

Elite Novels


Reports have been coming in about sightings of alien lifeforms appearing across the world. Could the moment finally come that aliens have come to our world?

Elite Novels

Elite Kids

Hundreds of kid stories, characters, places, and even a pararell world exists just for kids and young teens.

Over 500 characters

Lightning Stardust, PooPoo the Baby Dragon, Holiday Saviors, Spitfire Pumpkin, and more exist in a universe similar to vast Eliteverse and interact with the characters here often.

Hundreds of stories

Hundreds of stories yet to be read. Travel to different worlds, different times, and unlock the possibilities. 

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