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This dictionary contains various languages, meanings of Eliteverse specific terminology, and some ancient texts found throughout the many Eliteverse stories.

Powers of the Eliteverse

Thousands of characters, items, and even places have special abilities that are unique to them. Inside are hundreds of abilities that are mentioned throughout the Eliteverse many stories.

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Elite Kids

Hundreds of kid stories, characters, places, and even a pararell world exists just for kids and young teens.

Items and Weapons

Items can be weapons used in fighting, part of someone's body, or even an entire world or dimension.


Hundreds of stories about your favorite characters, places, and things within the Eliteverse.


Places within the Eliteverse including the Eliteverse itself, has many ties to the stories within these pages. Enter into many new worlds including one of the many different Earths i.e “Earth-60” which is home to a team of humanoids.


The Lazarons


Ambrosius was one of the most powerful mages alive during his time. Born in the mid 1500s to two immigrants from the mythical Pearl Islands. Both his parents knew of his potential in using creation magic and thus sold him off to the High Council Royal Guard to better their lives. This event caused must distrust between him and others, he eventually was invited to attend Tantirith where he bested many of his peers and later became a teacher at the school. Ambrosius died at Tantirith at the age of 315 years old. His grave at his request was placed along with his body outside of the school grounds so he wouldn't become a ghost of the school.

Kainon Lazaron
Kainon Lazaron

Kainon was the ancestor of the lazaron siblings and was mentioned to his descendent Kain Lazaron that the two shared a similar resemblance in both appearance and their magic. Kainon was a powerful Time mage that was able to manipulate time, thus becoming only a handful of beings that could. He was one of the reincarnations of Shecknurd. He attended Purnog during the early 1200s and died in his 30s during the Black War.

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