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Mythology Encyclopedia

A extensive list of hundreds of deities from within the myths of the Eliteverse. Existing within these pages are some of the most unforgettable myths and legends.



Monsters of ancient times could be cute and magical. While others were deadly and down right creatures of your worse nightmares. Hundreds of these creatures existed associated with ancient times.


Royal Circa

12 very powerful and important deities that help to create all things. They have existed high the heavens in a place known as Lium.



One of the most powerful deities of ancient times. Many considered him a kind god. He was youthful, playful, and had a sense of bravery, curiosity, and lack caution. His story of him growing up, born from the Primordial Ones, his wizard like creature Yosubut, and his death at the hands of his children were some of the most told stories of the ancient world.




Angels were beautiful and powerful beings that existed before all else. They guarded and lived within Heaven. Their stories started with the growing creation of the beautiful universe and some stories speak of how they are the parents of the Gods.



Counterpart of the angels. They are fallen angels whom are thought to have shed their wings in honor of their father and leader Lucifer. Some are deformed due to their fall from grace while others maintained their beauty.



The Ultimate Power’s first creation, existing before the angels. The Ho’zares were ancient and very strong creatures. Deformed but with unlimited powers. They formed law, thought, authority, voice, immortality, and later the concept of life and death for immortals.


Ultimate Power

Also known by many religions as the Creator and simply as GOD. The Ultimate Power appeared from the dark void known simply as Neutral. Here along with his sibling Chaos. The Three created all things and fought the first war that sparked creation.


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